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Welcom to Sarah Morgan

The todays interview will be published bilingual on my blog – there will be the original English version and the translation into German. I was very happy, that Sarah Morgan was so quickly willing to give me an interview and I’m so pleased meeting her personally in a few days. Who knows, maybe I’m going home with a signed book and a photo together with her? I would be very happy 🙂

Katja: Dear Sarah, thank you very much for giving me the chance to make this interview with you in advance to the LoveLetterConcention in Berlin.

You will be the first time at the LoveLetterConcention. What do you expect from this event? At what you are looking forward the most? Is there also something, you are afraid of?

Susan: I’m so looking forward to meeting German readers! So many of them message me on social media, and it will be a treat to meet them in person. I’m not afraid at all, but I don’t speak German so I hope there will be plenty of people to translate so that we can all enjoy the conversation to the full.

Katja: Will you, being anyway in Berlin, go for some sightseeing? Or is there a lack of time because of your other appointments and liabilities? Will there be time for playing a little the tourist?

Susan: This will be my first time in Berlin and I would love to see something of the city, but this time it is a short visit only, just for the weekend. I really hope I will be able to get a flavour in that time, but if not I hope to return!

Katja: Already as a child, you knew that you want to be a writer. Still, you have made an apprenticeship as a nurse. Is it important to have another string on your bow when you’re an author? Are you still working in your original job, or are you able to fully concentrate on your writing?

Susan: To begin with I worked in other jobs alongside my writing, but now I’m able to work full time as a writer. I feel very lucky!

Katja: I read that, when you’re working on your scripture, the internet access is shut off. Are you distracted so easily by looking around on the various websites?

Susan: I do need the internet for research and social media, but if it is easily accessible I find it too tempting, so I try and give myself time that is just for writing.

Katja: You write romantic stories, that are loved by your readers. Are you fixed on that genre or would you like try something else? Which genre would you like to try, if you could?

Susan: That’s a good question. I love writing emotional stories, and exploring issues surrounding friendship and family. It’s perfectly possible that I might write something different in the future, but I have no definite plans. I love writing romance!

Katja: Are you allowing your german readers to have an insight into your office? Where are your books originated? At your desk? Or is there another place where like to write and do it a lot?

Susan: For years I wrote anywhere i could find room for my laptop, but now I’m very lucky because I have my own garden office. It’s a wonderful space, and I use it for writing and planning my books. But of course I also write in other places. I can write wherever I need to! I often post photos of my office on social media, but here is an article about it

Katja: How do you relax after a day of writing? Are there any rituals? Or is writing for you just an ordinary kind of job?

Susan: I don’t think it’s ordinary. Even when I have switched off my laptop for the day, the story stays in my head and I’m often thinking about my characters while I’m cooking, or walking. I spent a lot of time sitting indoors while I work, so to switch off I like to get outdoors and walk. I enjoy the fresh air!

Katja: Your books are published in your home country England, as well as in Germany. Are you recognizing, in talks, emails or other opportunities, any differences between the English and German readers? Maybe in their reading behaviour? Or by the topics that are read?

Susan: I am so lucky to have a global readership, and I think that is evidence that no matter what your language or culture, we all experience the same emotions. We all want love and friendship. Those are universal themes that are the focus of the stories I write, and which appeal to a wide range of people no matter what their nationality.

Katja: With your family, you’re living in London, a city I could get to know last year. What do you love about your City? What shouldn’t a tourist miss?

Susan: London is a great city, with so many interesting places to visit. One of my favourite places is The British Museum. When my sons were young we spent most of our weekends at The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. But London also has great parks, and of course the River Thames. One of my favourite walks is along the river from the Tate Modern to the South Bank and the London Eye. On a bright sunny day, or even at sunset, it’s spectacular. I also love the cobbled streets of Covent Garden, and it has wonderful stores and the Royal Opera House!

Katja: You’re a food lover. Are you cooking on your own or do you enjoy the culinary works of others? Can you tell us your favorite recipe?

Susan: I do love cooking I think it’s another expression of creativity, and although I do have favourite recipes I also love experimenting with new dishes.

(translation: Markus Schulze)

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